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Nick Sarillo



Nick Sarillo is a leading expert in leadership, organizational culture, employee engagement, and executive development.

Nick serves as a mentor and coach to entrepreneur's, CEO's, and leaders from technology startups to the health and fitness, retail and manufacturing industries.

Nick brings credibility to your stage. He is the CEO of one of the top ten busiest independent pizza companies in per-store sales in the U.S. In an industry in which the average annual turnover rate is more than 150 percent, Nick’s Pizza & Pub boasts less than a 25 percent employee turnover rate.

​Nick is both relatable and a great story-teller. He openly shares his successes as well as mistakes from more than 25 years of entrepreneurship. Your audience will relate to his authentic answers of how to deal with their day-to-day business challenges, and they'll leave inspired and equipped with tools they can implement in their own companies and jobs immediately.

Nick is an active business owner and a respected leader by his employees, peers and the communities he serves. He practices all of the business-changing ideas, strategies and processes he reveals during his keynotes.


Nick Sarillo shares real-life ideas, strategies and processes that can turn any business into a successful, high-performance organization. Nick’s success serves as a great example of how living your company’s Purpose and Values, putting your people first, and creating systems to support their growth lead to lower turnover, higher engagement, and ultimately higher profit margins. Nick is a TEDx speaker, and has delivered Keynotes across the country for rooms of up to 1,000 people. See below to contact us and make Nick a part of your program! 





Nick Sarillo’s book, A Slice of the Pie, tells the story of how he built the extraordinary culture of Nick's Pizza and Pub and shows how anyone can follow his methods. 

A Slice of the Pie will help transform even the smallest, simplest, and most ordinary business into a successful, high-performance organization.

The secret lies in Nick’s purpose-driven culture, in which every employee—from the waiters to the chefs to the managers—is equipped with the tools necessary to do their jobs while also advancing the company’s overall mission. The result is higher sales, a dedicated team, and a big little business that is beloved by the entire community.

Executive Coach

As a certified Gestalt Coach, Nick understands how to tap into individual potential to guide leaders on their journey of self-improvement. Through the Trust-and-Track Institute, Nick and his team offer personalized, one-on-one executive coaching to leaders all over the world. 

Nick Sarillo Speaking

Nick Sarillo Speaking

Nick Sarillo Speaking
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Nick Sarillo Speaking Reel

Nick Sarillo Speaking Reel

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The Big Little Business : Nick Sarillo at TEDxNaperville

The Big Little Business : Nick Sarillo at TEDxNaperville

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