"I love the whole idea of 'conscious communication'. It turns the simple act of saying words into a purposeful and meaningful exercise through which I am more aware of how it specificity matters.


My heightened awareness of intention/impact has been huge for me. I've gained a strong sense of how important it is to be proactive in communicating. My alertness to 'meaning-making' has helped me avoid relying on assumptions. I think 'coaching in the moment' is really where the rubber meets the road. I've chosen to embrace that as our ultimate goal where we can utilize all of these new communication tools. We've decided that the way for us to get the most use of these tools will be to teach Miick's Safe Space to every employee at every level. Our supervisors will be taught the other tools in order to begin moving toward a culture of coaching in the moment. I'm looking forward to reaching this stage as it will include the 'Fish bowl' exercise, which I feel is very powerful.

The common language we now all share has been one of the most obvious benefits to our improved internal communication. A great result from the purpose workshop was that it legitimized our purpose as belonging to the organization buy getting everyone to buy-in."

Victor Mena

Founder/CEO, Pacific Aviation

Jia Remonte

Manager of Culture and Leadership Development,

Pacific Aviation

"AWARENESS - That's how I am going to describe my learnings.

I had this trouble that whenever someone makes a comment, I should too. Or if someone says something, I should too without noticing the words that I use which had greatly affected my relationship towards others without me knowing that I was harming them in the way I speak unconsciously. The safe space training had taught me so much mindfulness in and out of work. I really stop and think and analyze before I say a word, and think on what kind of impact I would like to bring in. I began witnessing my unconscious statements. And the more conscious I became the more I started to take responsibility for my words and how they were making me feel and the people around me.

What I've owned out of all elements was the intention and impact. English was not my first language, moving here is quite a bumpy ride. Expressing my own was hard before because it was always portrayed differently even I if tried my best. Getting this knowledge and understanding the intention and impact had me become more direct on what I would like to say, avoiding the unnecessary words around it. Made me feel more confident as well in making my statements just because I would directly define what I my intention is."

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